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  • Why you Should be Considering a Mediterranean Diet

    Health experts all over the world are calling a Mediterranean diet one of the world’s healthiest diets. Rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains, this diet prioritizes fish over red meat and olive oil over oils higher in saturated fats, such as butter.  Is a Mediterranean Diet Actually Healthy?  The core of the diet calls…


  • Yoga After 65 – Is it a Good Idea?

    When you type the word “Yoga” into google images the same photo seems to appear again and again; that of a young and incredibly fit woman striking a seemingly impossible pose – touching her foot to her head or in a handstand with her legs stretched far above her. A google image search of “Yoga”…


  • The Treatment of Old People

    The Treatment of Old People

    The West’s Obsession with Youth No one wants to grow old – in the United States, that is. The United States, along with many other Western countries tend to value a fresh youthfulness over the wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills that come along with living for over half a century. Age is associated with… Read more

  • Tips to Improve Diet

    Tips to Improve Diet

    I was in line the other day at Stop and Shop. I love Stop and Shop by the way. I had about 12 items so I decided to hop into the express line. In front of me, a middle-aged woman was checking out. She started to load her items onto the moving conveyor belt: white… Read more

  • Fifty Plus Womens Fashion

    Fifty Plus Womens Fashion

    Dress your Age – Or Not Dressing your age doesn’t mean what it used to. There is a huge misconception in our culture that once women turn a certain age they are no longer interested in fashion. But women above 50 are of course still interested in fashion and beauty. They still want to look… Read more

  • Age in Place

    Age in Place

    Americans reaching their retirement years are looking for alternatives to replace the typical nursing home or assisted living experience. People want companionship and assistance without the high cost of said facilities.  For some, the nursing home is the ideal place to spend retirement. A nursing home helps one feel comfortable, safe and helps to put… Read more

  • Aging Gracefully

    Aging Gracefully

    You have made it to the golden years of retirement. Finally the freedom to pursue what you want, and spend your days as you wish. Now, what to do with all of this time? How do we stay engaged? After a lifetime of structure, it’s time to redefine the rules to live a happy, fulfilled… Read more

  • How to Improve Sleep

    How to Improve Sleep

    Most people love to sleep, yet getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge. We might have trouble falling asleep at night, only to wake up after a few hours of sleep, feeling unrested yet unable to fall back asleep. Unfortunately, sleep is a difficult task to tackle. Sometimes your mind just isn’t listening… Read more

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