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  • Why you Should be Considering a Mediterranean Diet

    Health experts all over the world are calling a Mediterranean diet one of the world’s healthiest diets. Rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains, this diet prioritizes fish over red meat and olive oil over oils higher in saturated fats, such as butter.  Is a Mediterranean Diet Actually Healthy?  The core of the diet calls…


  • Yoga After 65 – Is it a Good Idea?

    When you type the word “Yoga” into google images the same photo seems to appear again and again; that of a young and incredibly fit woman striking a seemingly impossible pose – touching her foot to her head or in a handstand with her legs stretched far above her. A google image search of “Yoga”…


  • End Ageism

    End Ageism

    Have you ever felt like people are treating you unfairly because of your age? That’s ageism, and it’s pretty much one of the only forms of prejudice, or “-isms,” that people unabashedly take part in today. Ageism is relevant regardless of race, sex, or socioeconomic status, and it’s having a drastic impact on the way… Read more

  • Age is a State of Mind

    Age is a State of Mind

    Is 60 the new 40? Is 60 the new 40? 50 the new 30? 40 the new 20…? All of a sudden, it sounds like we are aging backwards. When you look at life stages, one’s 40s probably differ quite a bit from one’s 60s, at least on the outside. You’re at a different stage… Read more

  • Nutrition for Seniors

    Nutrition for Seniors

    A healthy diet is difficult to achieve at any age. Yes, there are people who truly enjoy eating their fruits and veggies, and for them healthy eating has never been given a second thought. But for the rest of us, ice cream after dinner can be hard to resist. Healthy eating is important for the… Read more

  • Silver is the New Black | Silver Sisters

    Silver is the New Black | Silver Sisters

    We are so excited to share this new collaboration with you! Fransje, aka Silver is the New Black, a famous Dutch model, designed this unique collection to celebrate silver hair silver sisters and the trend to ditch the dye and go grey. Historically, growing your hair out naturally has been looked down upon and Fransje… Read more

  • Staying Active as We Age

    Staying Active as We Age

    Activity at all Ages Leads to Better Health Finding an exercise that you enjoy and that makes you feel good is a lifelong journey. This journey may begin at a young age and or it may be a new journey at 75. Exercise is of particular importance today, when much of our daily life can… Read more

  • Ode to Grandparents

    Ode to Grandparents

    What You Can Gain From Spending Time With Grandparents The relationship between a grandparent and their grandchild is a precious one. There is nothing quite like it any other form of human interaction. A grandparent loves their grandchild in a way that a parent cannot, and a grandchild sees their grandparent in a way that… Read more

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